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Learn to embrace mistakes in your organization. Then squeeze all the learning you possibly can from them & allow the entire team to learn from it in order to make the mistake an investment in your whole team. Otherwise, each individual on your team must make the same mistake in order to learn from it. What we have begun to do, under fear of lawsuits, is hide each individual's mistakes and any reprisals or follow-up regarding those mistakes, (in essence, any potential learning from the mistake), from the remainder of the team, (after all, we wouldn't want to embarrass anyone or hurt their tender sensibilities, would we?) which has led to the downfall of many organizations. We must learn to "fail forward" together, and remember that the only people that do not make mistakes are those who are doing absolutely NOTHING!

Keith Lowry

in "How to Have Super-Vision in your Organization"

Learn to give feedback in a way that keeps people from getting defensive. We suggest the LB/NT feedback system, both in specific situations where you are giving immediate feedback on a project, speech, or performance, and in regular evaluations. LB's are the first thing, where you give the individual a list of all the things you Liked Best about their performance. This gets them listening, and everyone lets down their defenses in order to hear everything you're saying when you're telling them what you liked about what they've done. NT's are where you make some suggestions that could make their performance better, "Next Time". So even this doesn't sound so critical. You're simply making some suggestions that could improve on a performance you've already said was good. This really does get people to hear your suggestions for improvement, and most people want to find ways to get better, so they're in a much more receptive mood. Try it!

Keith Lowry

on "Learning from mistakes"

Frequently we find that stubbornness is merely a weak imitation of strength. "The cleverest person of all, in my opinion, is the man who calls himself a fool at least once a month."